Our printing facilities house cold-set web presses, a sheet-fed department and 12,000 square feet of paper storage to meet the many demands of our customers. These versatile presses are capable of printing various sizes of paper stock with accurate color reproduction required for your project. The flexibility of our presses allows our customers to run any quantity of publications—from the smallest specialty projects to the largest nationally distributed publications.

Due to a strategic partnership with a top buyer’s group, our customers also enjoy the benefit of the industry’s largest discounts on paper stock. With Woodward Printing Services, you enjoy the lowest paper prices in the industry.

Press Equipment List

  • 20 unit Goss Community with two folders
  • Heidelberg MOV 5 color—19 X 25
  • Heidelberg MOZ 2 color—19 X 25
  • AB Dick 9870 2 color—11.5 X 17.5
  • Cannon imageRUNNER

Ink Tips

There is more than just putting ink on paper. Here are a few tips to remember when you are designing your project.

  • Inks formulated for sheet fed and cold set presses dry via air.
  • As a rule, the same ink will look different on different stocks due to surface coatings, color and brightness of the stocks.
  • Four-color inks (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) CMYK for short, can produce a wide range of colors. However, if you must match a specific color, let’s say for a logo, the process color inks to match that exact PMS color can appear muddy. It will lack clarity and crispness. In these cases you may choose to have it printed as a separate PMS spot color.

“Woodward Printing Services has provided the quality in printing our customers expect while providing good service at a fair price. When there are issues to resolve, they have been responsive to solving problems in a timely manner. I believe they understand that their customers' success is integral to Woodward's success.”

Brian Lewis,
Publisher Cedar Valley Saver














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  • Mailing, Mail List Maintenance & Fullfillment
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  • Sheet-fed Press n.
    A printing press that uses pre-cut sheets of paper rather than rolls.

    Web Press n.
    A high-run, fast-speed printing press that uses rolls of paper rather than individual sheets.